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Blogger: Spam
Noticed Blogger is requiring CAPTCHA verification on posts for one of my blogs now. This concerned me a bit, as it could affect some creative projects I've been working on, like the following:

Finally found an explanation for the new obstacle:

As I figured, spam-related. I notice I don't get the CAPTCHA field here when trying to post. The blog I'm getting it on is a new one, so maybe it's a sort of probationary thing for new blogs.

Blogger has started compiling a list of deleted spam blogs:

Interesting reading.
Since no one at GOOGLE will admit or even tell us to what is going on, I have had to talk to other bloggers to find out why I have not been able to post for two days.

Supposedly, blogs with few posts - and I have 300 in one year - but with a lot of links have been shut down without any prior warning by Google. Even Microsoft at its worst has never screwed over its customers this badly.

Now as I write a blog about the media - most of my posts link to the articles I am write about, hence I have a lot of links. But Goggle has now decided to censor my views and no longer allows me to post.

All I get is this:

006 Please contact Blogger

Except - there is no way to contact anyone at blogger support...

Brady Westwater