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PHP: Secure Login
After some difficulties in trying to integrate a PHP/MySQL login library using the shared SSL certificate on a cheap, shared host, I started thinking about ways to implement a login class that didn't require SSL but would still not send sensitive info in the clear. I googled the terms "php javascript login hash" and found this page:

PHP - Implementing Secure Login with PHP, JavaScript, and Sessions (without SSL)

The same basic idea -- even uses the JS md5 library I had used in my mushpup site. Mine would be a little different in that it would query a SQL database, raising questions about the compatability of the JS md5 function and MySQL's.
What Adsense Thinks of My Site (or its audience)
Headline of ad currently running on another one of my sites:

Buy Gay Friendly Autos
The Sonnet Monkiad
After a few tweaks to its editing and publishing engines, the Sonnet Monkiad (the first epic poem of the internet age written by a digital monkey dictating to a virtual editor publishing to a blog), is now running more or less smoothly. The plan is for it to steadily evolve and go on forever.

You can follow the post-epic epic here:
The bloggerstack project has been updated to reflect the changes following the blogger re-release. More information on bloggerstack and how you can use it to edit your blog template are available at the bloggerstack blog and google project page.