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PHP: HTML Validator Class
This class was developed as part of the form library of the CEO framework I'm working on. Useful for the case where you have a textarea in your form and want to allow HTML but make sure it's not broken (especially if you're planning to display it on a page).

Class and test can be found in the repository:


Based on the script found here with a couple bells and whistles added.


hosting: technical support
So I buckled down and sacrificed my Friday night to finally getting DNS operating on my VPS. Over the last 2 weeks I've scoured the web, bought books, read books, and thought I had it all figured out. The final piece was to just point my domain registered with to my nameservers on my VPS. That's where the wheels fell off.

I posted a summary of my problem on the forum. What really annoyed me, however, was support. I called them for assistance, knowing full well both from my own experience and the account of others, that their phone support is pretty useless. But I hoped at least they would (A) point me to a web page explaining how to do it, (B) wonder of wonders, be able to walk me through this, or (C) pass me up to a tech who could handle it for me. Instead I went around in circles for 10 minutes (remaining patient and polite the whole time) with a clueless rep who then disconnected me without warning.

Fantastic customer support. I've read that makes it easier for you to manage DNS yourself. Not that they're without their detractors. But I figure I'll set up an account as they're almost as cheap as 1and1.

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Recaptcha is one of the more ingenious web-based distributed-computing widget-thingies I've seen. Just came across it on Lawrence Lessig's site. Plan to sign up for it myself as soon as I have a reason to.