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the myspace killer?
A lot of speculation out in the blather-o-sphere about what site -- or what kind of site -- will displace myspace as the it site for the great IE-browsing masses.

One idea: a social networking site that gives you freedom comparable to myspace in customizing your profile (using AJAX WYSIWYG tools and/or a saner html/css model) but you gives you a cut of the ad revenue generated off visitors to your profile. Instead or in addition to ad revenue, the incentive to sign-up and pimp-out your profile could be some other form of psychic income -- ad revenue would simply be the easiest for most users to grasp.

I imagine someone else has had this idea and there's probably a dozen sites out there already built on this concept scrambling to reach tipping-point critical mass. But I've yet to hear about or see any of them.

Personally, I think myspace has at least another 3 good years in it.