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Google App Engine
I got my Google App Engine invite a couple weeks ago but didn't have a chance to really play with it until this weekend. I built a couple little demos on my sandbox app today:

I have to say I'm very impressed with it thus far. I can see how this could be truly revolutionary. Indeed, this is just the tool I've been looking for for the past, what, four years. The things I really like about it:

1. It uses Python
2. Simple mvc organization using the Google webapp framework
3. Easy to move between test and production environments
4. It's designed to be scalable
5. It's free

Downsides? The big one I keep reading about is the datastore, which uses an ORM model rather than the more familiar SQL relational. I haven't found the adjustment that hard at all, but then I've never fancied myself a DBA wizard and my usage of the datastore thus far has been trivial.

But believe me, I have big plans for the future!