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Baseball Cards
I have always loved the 1977 Topps baseball cards. Not sure exactly why. Probably ill-advised for a self-respecting designer to acknowledge the least influence of baseball cards. But it's always been a dream to own a near-mint condition set of these cards.

The Reggie Jackson card of that year, in particular, was always a mystery to me. Walter Pater wrote of the strange smile of the Mona Lisa. I was bewitched by that weird green of his helmet:

The mystery may in part be explained by this:

Reggie went to the Yankees in 1977 and the card was quickly switched just before its release. (Man, those old Oriole helmets were amazing!)

After the 1977 Topps, my next favorite baseball card year is '79. This was the year I started collecting baseball cards -- 18¢ a pack, if I remember correctly. It was the first set I collected in whole -- all by buying packs. You could get a box of cards for $5. What joy. Love the Reggie card this year, too:

The 1980 one's not bad either.

In truth, not a huge Reggie fan, (though I was thrilled when he signed with the Angels.) But he had some great baseball cards.