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Google Discovers Last Google
Received the following email yesterday from Google regarding


While reviewing your account, we noticed that you are currently displaying Google ads on a site that uses a Google trademark in the domain name. As this is a violation of our policies, we've disabled ad serving to

Your AdSense account remains active. However, we recommend that publishers review the important guidelines found here:

Please also note that publishers are not permitted to use Google Brand Features, which include Google trademarks, logos, web pages, screen shots, or other distinctive features on sites without prior consent from Google.


The Google AdSense Team

Can't display Google ads on a site that uses Google in the domain name -- I guess that rules out Adwords on But where does it leave Sounds like a fatal flaw in the whole business model.

My email in response:

Thank you for your letter regarding

I don't believe that I am using "Google trademarks, logos, web pages, screen shots" per se. Obviously, my site parodies the Google look. (I'm counting on somebody at Google has a sense of humor.) But I've worked up the code, imagery, and stylesheets myself and it is all done primarily in a spirit of fun. The Google Adwords help complete the theme and also offer the hope of some potential (though I regret to say that there is none yet) return on my investment.

But given the fact of your letter, may I have your written consent to use whatever features currently in place that might be construed as Google brand features? Should I include some kind of "not affiliated with Google" disclaimer (though I think it would be pretty obvious to anyone skilled enough to operate a browser.)

Also, may I apply to have Google Adwords reinstated on my site?

And may I have the name and email of an individual whom I might personally contact with questions regarding my account?

Thank you,

Tom Atwell

At present, no response, auto-generated or otherwise.

(And why am I still required to do the CAPTCHA thing for my posts to this blog? It's making me a bit paranoid.)