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The Car Crash on Spam
There are terrorists among us, and they're not calling each other on unencrypted cell phones to talk in broken English about the next skyscraper they're going to level. They're spammers -- and if Bush wanted to do something useful with $200 billion, he could have thrown it at this problem.

Anyway, a few interesting blog entries I bounced between today as I researched PHP solutions that sum up the state of the art:

The State of Spam [Karma] (

Bad Behavior 2 Roadmap Update (

weblog spam (

Spam Karma looks the most promising of the solutions on offer, but I'm going to tinker with Bad Behavior since it's GPL and is about the only thing I found for PHP that sounds half-way effective and not tailored to wordpress.

On a tangential thread, I came across this:

ripple monetary system (wikipedia)

Whuffie (wikipedia)

ripple project (sourceforge)

Interesting concept. Afraid we'll never really see the proof.

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