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new blogger beta
I've seen a lot over the last couple weeks about the new Blogger beta. (First time I've seen an existing application return to beta.) A couple of the more informative posts I've read:

new blogger embarking
For the love of the B

Both authors, Evan and Jason Goldman, have been integral to Blogger's development. And are now gone.

There was also a slashdot article on the return to beta:

Google Upgrades Blogger

I've read a few horror stories about botched transitions between the existing service and the new beta over on the Google discussion group. Fortunately, I haven't had any problems myself... yet. Likely because I get an "unable to transfer your blogs" message every time it tries to transfer me (which is every time I log in.)

All together, from what I've read of the new features, it sounds like the changes will be positive. My only reservation is template-editing. I hope to god Blogger preserves the source code access it allows now. In my opinion and my experience, this is what makes blogger superior to the other free don't-have-to-do-it-yourself services out there.

As I put it in my slashdot comment:

the cool thing that always distinguished Blogger for me was the freedom they gave you to edit the underlying page code. Myspace gives you that freedom, too -- but have you ever seen the code? (I still don't understand how their web pages just don't crumble in a heap of broken tags.)

Blogger offers direct access to (near) standards-compliant XHTML code. I practically learned how to properly do (x)html and css tinkering with their templates. If you know html and css, it gives you everything you'd want with Google Pages.

I just hope they don't start limiting this as they expand the WYSIWYG bells and whistles.

From what I've read, it sounds like this will remain. It would be a shame -- and probably a deal-breaker for me -- if it didn't.
The new blogger beta has killed three blogs of mine. Ack.