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Greqo: The Russian Blog-Spammer's Class of Choice?
Noticed a few clicks on my Klenwell wiki from a site called (It's worth clicking just to see the banner art.) Traced it to this post:

Main Forum > Spam > What to think! To blogoFermu it is must! (Babelfish translation)

Ran the page through Babelfish and I think I got the gist of it. Someone is promoting some kind of spamming tool which may be using the Greqo class. If this was the case, it might be a violation of the Greqo GPL license (unless they were making the source code available.)

In any event, although I'm not thrilled to learn spammers might be misappropriating Greqo, I'm not too concerned about it. Yes, you could use it to spew blog spam, but there are plenty of tools out there that probably do a much better job. And Blogger limits the number of posts one can post a day (as the Last Google blog regularly discovers.)

Guy, you misunderstood. BlogoFerma can be used to spam, BUT it is not designed to do so.

As a knife is not intended to kill.

So nothing to write about "Russian spammers :(

Did you get trouble in magpierss (358 lines)

define ( 'MAGPIE_OUTPUT_ENCODING', 'ISO-8859-1');

Replace with UTF-8

Same in (98).

Sorry for the my bad-bad English, translated by Goole Translate.

Good luck!
I admit my Russian isn't too great, and I was reading a Google translation myself of the forum thread to which I referred. But that seemed to be the gist of the thread. Maybe it was about SEO (which seems to be a close cousin of blog spam.) In any event, I'm happy to be corrected on the point.

Thanks for the tip about Magpie output encoding. I've opened up an issue on the Greqo project page about it.