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PHP: pphlogger login problem
Not sure how many people out there use pphlogger -- I've been pretty satisfied with it. (In fact, I think I'm using it on this site.) However, today, all of the sudden, I couldn't log in. This seems to have solved the problem:

replace HTTP_*_VARS arrays with super globals ($_SERVER, $_POST, etc.)

1 login.php - line 37 - change $HTTP_POST_VARS to $_POST

2 login.php - line 49/50 - change $HTTP_SESSION_VARS to $_SESSION

3 defines.lib.php (directory "libraries") - line 94/95 - change $HTTP_SERVER_VARS to $_SERVER

4 htmlMimeMail.php (directory "modules") - line 131-134 - change $GLOBALS["HTTP_SERVER_VARS"] to $_SERVER


keywords: pphlogger, troubleshooting, php