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Noticed this on slashdot today:

Save yourself $5.10 by buying the book here: Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality [] (you even beat the B&N member price). And if you use the "secret" discount [], you can save an extra 1.57%!

You have to hit the tinyurl link in the reply to fully appreciate it.

Anyway, it led me to wonder about the anatomy of an Amazon URL. This is the closest I found (on a single Google search) to an explanation:

Hack Averts Amazon Referrals []

Don't know if the hack still works. The article appeared back in 2000.

(Full disclosure: I have an Amazon tag myself -- it's never made me any money. Wonder how much this kaleidojewel guy is raking in.)

By the way, the book sounds useful, as do some of the comments.