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Linux: Damn Small Linux
I have an old Toshiba 2800 laptop that I inherited. It came with Windows XP home installed, but with only 64 MB RAM is slower than a mail-in rebate. So I decided to move it over to one of those small Linux distros.

I tried Puppy Linux and that failed. So I tried DSL (Damn Small Linux) -- and that froze, too. The Ubuntu live CD loaded -- in 40 minutes!

Then I found this note on the web:

After more searching I found out that in the BIOS I had to change the 'PC Card Controler Mode' from 'Auto selected' to 'CardBus/16-bit'.


Don't know what the difference is. But it worked. Also solved my problem with Puppy Linux. So if you're having trouble loading Linux on a Toshiba laptop, try that.

One more note: hit esc on load to enter bios and page down to change PC Card Controller mode.