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hosting : Server Requirements
Here is a list of the requirements for the hosting I am looking for for our project. This is still evolving and is predicated on many factor that can't be easily predicted at this point. But I've tried to error on the side of caution (requesting more resources than necessary at this point).

Immediate Requirements
Budget: $20-$50/mo to begin
Managed hosting on Linux server
Monthly Bandwidth: 300-400 visitors/day on PHP/MySQL CMS to start
No or High Email Limits -- need to send several (hundreds?) script-triggered emails per hour
Data Storage: 5 GB to start
MySql 4+
CPanel (or other Control Panel)
Minimal Downtime
Seamless Scalability (see below)

Near Term
https certificate
seamless upgrade of bandwidth
seamless upgrade of storage
eventually, a managed dedicated server

Comments welcome.