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Wanted: Reliable Web Hosting
I have a couple projects about ready to launch. I've been running the alpha versions on development servers but I want to roll out the beta versions on the actual servers that will be hosting them.

Finding a web host reminds me of finding a cell phone provider -- except 1000x worse. I've been trolling the forums on for the last few months. So many choices. So many baseless accusations. So many vague endorsements. And so many other sites out there fluffing recommendations to the top bidder.

I posted my first thread on outlining my goals this weekend. The responses, while not unencouraging, are typical of the kind of generic responses typical of the forums. I suspect a certain number of responses are from people just wishing to boost their per-post account status and get eyeball on the service they're promoting in their signature. This is not to say the forums haven't been helpful -- they're the best thing I've found out. But not the kinda clean organized breakdown that I've been looking for. What I really want is something like: (or, even better)

I'm in the process of narrowing down my options to a short list of 5-6 companies and drafting an email to them based on this questionnaire at introducing myself and what I'm looking for. I plan to document my efforts here and on the site in the coming days.

I hope in the end to find a reliable host or hosts for my project whom I can freely recommend to others.