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Earthlink Cancelled
At last. I haven't even used it for the last 3 months. My year-long contract didn't expire until last month so wasn't much I could do in the meantime, except pay my $20/mo subscription.

It took me three phone calls and about a half-hour waiting on hold to finally find someone who could help me. The call-center agent offered me 2 months free to stay, a sign that things as fucked up now as when I last used it.

Earthlink was my first ISP ever (over 10 years ago!) and I always kinda rooted for them as the underdog. No more. I would have been patient with the crappy muni wifi service if only their technical support wasn't so totally ineffective. No email support, maddening phone trees (where there isn't even a wifi option!) and interminable wait times.

Need to cancel (or just get a couple months of service for free)?


Good riddance!