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Before parties, guests register online and complete questionnaires. The answers are then transferred to digital memory devices -- red, plastic squares slightly larger than a matchbox -- that the guests wear like necklaces.

During a party, people point their devices at one another to check how compatible they are. The devices flash red, yellow or green, depending on their level of compatibility.

New way for singles to meet -- the digital zap (Yahoo! News)

The bad news for me is that I had an idea for an "icebreaker" device very similar to this a couple years ago.

The good news is, OneKeyAway over-complicated their device to the point that it will never be more than a novelty gadget "for professionals who want to meet other professionals" in a speed-dating environment.

The bad news is that a better marketer will simply copy this, figure out how to mainstream it, and make a social networking gadget that's more popular than the iPod -- and it won't be me.

The other good news is that the article notes that the inventor of this started working on it in 2004, which was before I had my idea. So I don't feel so bad after all.
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